Stream ItsTheReal’s ‘Teddy Bear Fresh’ Album Featuring Smoke Dza, Angie Martinez, Just Blaze & More.

The legendary New York duo ItsTheReal have been hard at work to create something special and timeless for their dedicated fans all across the globe. For over 3 years, Jeff and Eric Rosenthal dedicated themselves to their craft entirely by acting as their own record label. From marketing to pr and everything in between, these guys put in countless hours to deliver a masterpiece. Produced entirely by Greg Mayo, the album features special guest appearances by Curren$y, Smoke DZA, Bun B, Jazz Cartier, Angie Martinez, Just Blaze, Combat Jack and more. Stream Teddy Bear Fresh below.

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Smokin & Jokin: Cuzzin Todd & Wifey invite you to explore the world of “Honey Buns”

Cuzzin Todd & Wifey explore their wildest fantasies in the latest music video titled “Honey Buns”.

Smokin’ & Jokin’ ? ? TPain visits FirstWeFeast & eats ridiculously SPICY wings


It’s Fried-day.. so we’re lighting one up.. relaxing & laughing our asses off. We know you’re on the same page.. so welcome to our Smoking’ & Jokin’ segment where we share with you what we’re Smokin’ & Jokin’ about.. so you can also be Smokin’ & Jokin’. On today’s segment… TPain hilariously eats ridiculously SPICY wings with firstwefeast.TPain is a really funny guy.. and even hearing his voice when your high can completely set off the giggles. If you’re munchies hit.. you’ll probably want some wings after this. Watch the video.. laugh your ass off & find out the spiciest wings TPain could eat..

Smokin & Jokin: Chappelle as Negan From The Walking Dead

On a special episode of SNL with musical guests A Tribe Called Quest, host Dave Chappelle reenacted Negan and Lucille’s violent scene from a recently aired TWD episode by bringing back a whole gang of Chappelle’s Show characters including Tyrone Biggums, Chuck Taylor, Clayton Bigsby, Lil Jon, and Silky Johnson. If you’re lucky enough to love both The Walking Dead and Chappelle’s Show, here’s a little slice of heaven…



Don’t Pass Trump the Blunt!!!!!!

Attention Smoker’s Club Members:

With Election Day less than 24 hours away, we are pleading and begging everyone to go out and vote… against Donald Trump. Besides being a complete megalomaniac, a douche bag of epic proportions, and the guy who has proudly won the prestigious award for “Man with the Shittiest Hairdo” 11 consecutive years, Trump now has real shot at being the president of the United States. That’s a scary fucking thought.

So, we took it upon ourselves to reach out to some pivotal people in our quest to defeat The Donald, and were excited when internet sensation and the country’s most famous undecided voter, Ken Bone, got back to us. We were even more excited when he told us that he had indeed made his decision, and that decision was to not pass Trump the blunt.

Then, to our delight, following months of no response from the republican nominee, we were finally able to get Trump himself in the studio for a heated and often contentious debate with Mr. Bone. Check out this never been seen footage of Bone schooling Trump over his shitty high-rises, failed businesses (Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump: The Game, Trump Magazine, Trump University, Trump Ice, Tour de Trump, The Trump Network, etc.) and his perverted obsession with his own smoking hot daughter.


Listen, we’re not huge Hillary fans per say, but this guy cannot be the “ruler of the free world.” This guy can not be in charge of the “red button.” This guy should not be allowed to “grab her by the pussy.”

Please, if only as a loyal Club member, go out on November 8th and vote against this sad excuse for a candidate so America doesn’t have to be the laughing stock of the planet. And most importantly, don’t ever ever ever ever pass Trump the blunt!




Smokin & Jokin: Black Jeopardy

Shout out to The Club. Check one of our favorite stoners Kenan Thompson host Black Jeopardy with a Trump lovin’ Tom Hanks on SNL. This shit is hilarious. Enjoy! And remember, we recommend you take your medicine before viewing…


Smokin & Jokin: ‘Cuzzin Todd- Yoga and Camping Edition

Wow…. Cuzzin Todd back at it again attempting to do yoga & go camping w his Wifey & “LIv Rock”. Roll something up while watching this bc its some classic Cuzzin Todd shit!!! Sometimes i really wonder about this maniac lol! – Jonnyshipes

Smokin & Jokin: ItsTheReal – Dave Matthews Bands

Here’s a good laugh for your very stoned moments. “Dave Matthews Bands” is a song off of ItsTheReal’s Comedic duo and brothers Eric and Jeff Rosenthal, “Teddy Bear Fresh” mixtape.

Smokin & Jokin: Trump on Family Feud!

In honor of our last debate with The Donald…

Name the first part of a woman you touch to get her in the mood???

Smokin & Jokin: Granny is LIT

Check out this classic video of everyone’s favorite grandma taking it like a champ! \m/


Can your Nana pull this off???

Smokin & Jokin: Frieday Edition

Since we at The Smokers Club implore you DON’T PASS TRUMP THE BLUNT, watch the weird shit he does when he opens is filthy mouth.

As always we recommend watching this after you ingest your daily herbal medicine and enjoy. Happy Frieday!

The Return of Our Hilarious Segmant: Smokin & Jokin

Hey, y’all. The Club highly and happily recommends taking a peep at our segment, Smokin & Jokin. We haven’t done one since April, but guess what?? We bringing this shit back for the people! Expect new featured clips on the reg, and our professional advice is that you watch only once your herbal medicine has kicked in. And now, without further delay…