New Strain Alert: DOLATO #9 From In House Genetics

New genetics are exciting. And maybe the most exciting thing about new genes is the unknown: like a first round NFL draft pick, you don’t know exactly what’s going to come out of that pack. From the time a seed goes on sale, there’s at least a three month–and typically far longer–span before you even see that seed become a flower (on social media). But when the seed blossoms and flowers and gets to the finish line, that’s when we know if we’ve got a Hall of Famer or a flop.

DOLATO, a cross between DoSiDos and Gelato (by In House Seeds) looks like a Hall of Famer. This version, DOLATO #9 (pheno 9), was popped by 710 Labs in Colorado and photographed by Fill Your Eyes:

[soliloquy id=”43795″]

Before this strain, I was pretty unfamiliar with In House Seeds; clearly, they’re doing big things. Expect this fire to turn into hash sometime soon. The smell is pure cookie funk and should be kept in the rotation for quite some time. Can’t wait to smoke her!

The Smokers Club 2016 Tour Photo Recap by Ashani Allick

The Smokers Club 2016 Tour is currently on the road, burning down a pound in a town near you. So far we’ve been through Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, Vancouver, BC, San Fran, Los Angeles, and are making our way thru many other cities. Here’s a quick photo recap of what’s been going down so far. Special thanks to our brother Ashani Allick who’s been taking amazing snaps while out on the road.

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And we’ve got another month to go. You can see if we’re rolling thru your city and get tickets to tour right here.

Alien Rock Candy (32% THC!) Marijuana Strain Review

When you hear “Alien Tech” in a strain, that generally means insane things. Alien Rock Candy fits that bill. Breeder Obsoul33t’s Alien Tech line/crosses are some of the most exotic and potent in the game, but this version takes the cake for me. It was lust at first sight after finding the winning phenotype (version) at Kind Love (Colorado dispensary) 2-2.5 years ago). This harvested version comes from the same pheno but a private, organic grower–and it’s a winner. With the potency typically checking in north of 30% THC, this dope smoke takes you straight to Uranus.

Genetics: Tahoe Alien (Alien Kush x Tahoe OG) x Sour Dubble (Sour Diesel IBL x Sour Bubble)

Breeder: Alien Genetics

Grower/Dispensary: Private

Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Appearance: If Hues of purple are stacked with white snow (aka kief). There’s definitely some darker orange hairs coming out of her, and the round nugs are generally of the darker variety as you can see. 10/10

[soliloquy id=”37765″]

Effect: With a THC % of 32%, oh it is indeed lit. One of those strains that hits the mind and the body at the same time, the ARC is at once trippy and calm. Cerebral, the ARC feels a lot like I imagine getting zapped with one of those ray guns the aliens use in Mars! Attacks. You may not turn to ashes, but any pain pain and stress straight up evaporates. Don’t smoke this strain till the sun sets, as she’s definitely a day-wrecker! 10/10

Flavors: The Alien Kush comes out strongest in her as it’s got a kind of grapey sour flavor a lot like a purple Sour Patch Kid. She does not the strongest flavor but the chem terps are definitely there. 8/10

Conclusion: Blessed. You are blessed if you get to smoke this strain. You either need to know the right grower with the keeper cut or you have to go to Kind Love in Colorado to grab her. There’s certainly some other versions in California, but this rare strain is tough to find. There’s only one place in Colorado that has it and that’s Kind Love. Easily one of the best 10 strains I’ve smoked in my life, Alien Rock Candy deserves a spot on Mt. Kushmore. 10/10

Bonus: squished this into some rosin and it just amplified the effect:





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Pics: Martine Langatta

Bracelet and lighter by Susan Alexandra



Introducing “Clubettes Worldwide”

Welcome to our newest division of The Smoker’s Club. If you’re a guy, your most likely here to experience the collection of gorgeous women across the globe being photographed & interviewed in the heart of their element.  If you are a girl, even better, you are most likely here because you yourself are a clubette and don’t even know how fucking essential that makes you in the movement we are repping. As a part of The Smoker’s Club, it’s no question, we uhh, love bad-ass females who burn it down.  But, what we love most about you ladies, is that you all share different qualities, looks, energies and you are all so damn beautiful in your own unique way… kinda like the buds themselves! So far this opener sounds like another quirky article about stoner girls (most likely written by a stoner girl, joint in hand as she types away)… Ok maybe, BUT truth is, we’re so over that term anyway. There are such stereotypes out there about “stoner girls” like i don’t know, we sit in circles and eat pizza for days at a time and braid our hair, or that we lather in essential oil all afternoon together, only shop at thrift stores and bake brownies all day.  And hey, all which very well may be facts for some, but we are about to meet & praise the girls behind the smoke, Clubettes.

The photos and stories shown will all be unique to the girls themselves, but the universal bond will be illustrated through the most powerful Clubette of all, Miss MaryJane. In a world full of diversity and judgement, marijuana creates instant connections and remarkable memories between strangers and even the oldest of friends. Is it politically incorrect to refer to weed as a language tool that unites people across the globe? If so, fuck it we are gunna say so anyway! SPARK UP.

We will be featuring one Clubette a week, so take a lil break from trolling the ‘gram and let real recognize real here at The Smoker’s Club. We love you ladies ! Stay killin the game. ✌



Name? Isabelle Christine  @isabellearnone21

Where do you Live? Bonac born and raised .

What do you do? I do hair.

What are you passionate about? America, american spirits, americanos andddd staying true to yourself ! girl power !!

Do you have any tattoos? how many? Yes i have tattoos…Umm 5 or 6 and i def want more! My fav one is the one on the inside of my lip.

What is your favorite quote? ” You have to leave the table when love is no longer being served”-Nina Simon.

What is something you could never live without? My mom.

Why do you LOOOOVE smoking weed? I love smoking weed because its a more preferable state of mind for me . I’m less edgy, less combative . more creative and more open to give and receive love.

What is your favorite meal of all time? My fav. meal of all time is spaghetti and eggs made by my dad.. can’t forget the extra parmesan !!! xoxox

What is your favorite song right now? Anything by Justin Bieber.


Name? Caitlin Wooters  @caitlinwooters

Where do you live? Brooklyn,NY!

What do you do? I’m a professional makeup artist.

What are you passionate about? Collaborating with creatives to make art for the world and my self.

Do you have any tattoos ? How many?  I do i have 6 tiny ones. They are all symbols.

What is your favorite quote? “I often think the night is more alive and more richly colored than the night” – Vincent Van Gogh.

Whats something you could never live with out? Friends.

Why do you love smoking weed? It gives me more insight in to my thoughts.Weed also helps me think more creatively at times. Its fun socially. It helps me when I am nauseous, it helps with cramps, it is a nice way to relax. I love smoking before yoga or a massage and sometimes before a fun editorial or creative shoot.

What is your favorite meal? Butternut squash ravioli with brown sugar butter sauce spinach and pine nuts.

Whats your favorite song right now?  DJ Snake & Aluna George – You know you like it.


Name? Jennifer @poto_graphs @turnip_tuesdays

Where do you live? Currently couch surfing my way thru Manhattan and Brooklyn. Anybody got a room opening?lol.

What do you do? I’m a bartender. Holler to all the fellow tequila drinkers!!

What are you passionate about? Family first and friends who are basically family… you know who you are!!!  I LOVE cooking and the artistry that goes in to food from the presentation to the taste of it . I usually make it up as i go along depending where the blunt and beats take me at that moment. Sometimes i layer more flavors than articles of clothing on a yeezus model haha. But hey it always looks fresh to death and tastes heaven sent. I also like to invent shit 🙂

Do you have any  tattoos? How many? Yes I have 8 and i want more!!!

What is your favorite quote? “When there is nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire” – Douglas Campbell

and yes i got real poetic with it and got it tattooed on my hip!

Whats something you could never live without? Like weed? My answer was about to be so deep I can’t even say! I think its my “smells” my lotion and perfume . Fuck, also my hardshell cheetah print luggage set.

Why do you love smoking weed? It just takes me to a place like nothing else, I feel like everything for me when I’m high it just turnt-up in the best of ways!

What is your favorite meal?? Sunday sauce made by me! Whats sunday sauce? Bresaola, my fucking amazing meatballs, sweet & hot italian sausage on fusilli with grated romano cheese and splash of raw basil for color and crunch 😉 xoxo

What is your favorite song right now? Chain smokers- roses vs rozes

00000022 clubettes01000025



pics by: Martine Langatta

Gallery: The Smokers Club Annual Holiday Show

To celebrate another year in the books and the high holiday season, we got our crew together and threw our annual party at the Playstation Theatre in New York City on 12/22. Featuring special performances from Joey, Smoke DZA, the Pros, and a surprise appearance by A$AP Rocky, Times Square went up in smoke yet again.

Check out the entire night captured in pictures, all courtesy of Dee.

[soliloquy id=”34917″]

Though we took 2015 off with the tour, we’ll be back in full flex in 2016. Stay tuned for an announcement about tour dates coming to a city near you…


The Smokers Club presents Chronukkah featuring Jonny Shipes and Derels ??

Given the special time of the year over at The Smokers Club we decided to celebrate our annual Chronukkah. With master engineering from Tone and Nate we assembled our second ever Smokers Club certified Menorah.  JonnyShipes cheered as he was sidelined on the couch spiritually cleansing himself from the bullshit and preparing his mind n body for the highness to come. After 4 grueling hours of non stop rolling the master green thumb’s finished the task at hand and delivered a beautifully rolled kush Menorah. With the help from DopeLord the pyrotechnician and Kosta+ our in house porn director we managed to get our Chronukkah started. With just a few pulls from the potion we we’re all hitting the three wheel motion, na’ mean. This was just a small start to the craziness that will be unfolding at our Holiday show this month at Best Buy Theater. From Santa Clause blessing everyone with doobies to Shipes himself coming down the chiminea, no one knows so make sure you make it your priority you get high with us this Christmas.  Stay high mothafuckas.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.52.28 AM

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.52.39 AM

 Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.53.09 AM

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.53.24 AM

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.53.36 AM

Remembering King Capital: Steez Day Touches Down in New York City

On Tuesday, the first annual Steez Day (in remembrance of Capital Steez) went down in NYC. It’s a day the entire Smokers Club and Pro Era family will never forget. 

DeeKnows was on hand to capture the vibe, and oh what a vibe it was:

[soliloquy id=”32779″]

Hours before the highly anticipated concert was set to kick off there were kids lingering around 72nd & 5th Ave on Manhattan’s Upper Eastside. All were itching to get to the front of what seemed to be the only place to be in the Big Apple on this day: the inaugural Steez Day.

There were sporadic uproars outside of the entrance, the energy was overflowing: the spirit of STEEZ was apparent. On what would have been Steelo’s 22nd birthday, the 1st annual STEEZDAY contained an abundance of performances from the likes of SMTH, 22LOVE, Smoke DZA, Phony PPL, The Underachievers, Flatbush Zombies, & last but not least Joey Bada$$ w/ many special guests in pocket.

Ab-Soul ran out to the stage and performed “Terrorist Threats” & immediately after A$AP Ferg came out and performed his street hits “Work” & “Shabba” which sent the 5,000+ person crowd spiraling into a frenzy. Hot97’s Peter Rosenberg was also on hand handling hosting duties for the evening.

The whole day seemed like a dream. There was a 70% chance of rain for the day but the skies cleared. People poured into the park greeted by a live painting of STEELO being painted by Tone of The WHLGN. Special edition PRO ERA shirts were flying off the racks, drinks were flowing & joints were flowing. The combination made for perfect summer afternoon.

As the evening set in, during the middle of the PRO ERA performance a moment of silence was called and a touching montage of STEEZ was displayed on a jumbotron for all to see. Highlighting STEEZ’s most memorable moments brought everyone in the atmosphere to tears. Following the show chants of STEELO echoed throughout and were followed by an epic encore with Joey Bada$$ performing “Survival Tactics”.

Along with the Pros, many notable friends were in the building such as Cam’ron, ShiestBubz, Yaris Sanchez, Mick Jenkins, Justine Skye, Bodega Bamz, Vashtie & more. The first Steez Day will no doubt go down in history and we can’t wait to remember King Capital next year and beyond!

The Smokers Club’s Brooklyn Bud-BQ

It’s rare that you attend a BBQ in NYC that has a surplus of booze, bud and bomb ass food. But at The Smokers Club that’s pretty routine, which is exactly what went down in Williamsburg last Sunday.

Kicking off the summer, Jonny Shipes hosted an intimate get together at his pad filled with close friends and the Cinematic family. Even the KushedGod made an appearance. Our own Slick Jackson was on hand to capture the vibe:

[soliloquy id=”31932″]


4/20 Photos: The Smokers Club’s Garden of Weedn

Our first booth at a Cannabis Cup definitely was the loudest booth. Powered by the cup winning Garden of Weedn‘s fire and Thai Sticks from The Draft Dodger, we stayed blazed all weekend long.

If you swung by our booth (like Warren Sapp did!), you smelled and hopefully inhaled some of Colorado’s finest trees. If you missed the event, check out these (mostly weed) pics from our booth over 4/20 weekend.

[soliloquy id=”31825″]

…Stay tuned for us at more events and throwing our own–we’re not slowing down.

Inside The Smokers Club House at SXSW 2015

Kangaroos and dabs and ponies and Diplomats and Swishers and BBQ = the loudest party that’s ever hit South by Southwest:

[soliloquy id=”31643″]

Photos by DEE

Next year’s Smokers Club House with Grizzly and family should be even louder. Cause if you don’t know, now you know:

Recap: The Smokers Club Annual 4/20 Show in NYC

As promised, there was plenty of smoke smoke at our second annual 4/20 show (on 4/19 at Terminal 5). All 3,000 people at the sold out we’re vibing as the free flowing amount of Kush in the air made this a worthy 4/20 celebration.

Led by Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era crew performing cuts off Joey’s new album, the show also saw breakout performances from Lil Herb, Domo Genesis, Trademark Da Skydiver, Young Roddy, Frais, and JStash while TSC member Shiest Bubz hosted the event.

The crowd was rocking and the weed was flowing like water. See for yourself and stay tuned for news on our upcoming tour!

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