Alex Wiley's New Album Tangerine Dream II is a Serious Vibe

Chicago artist Alex Wiley has been living in California on-and-off for a few years and you can certainly hear it in his music. His new album Tangerine Dream II is a tranquil slap -- if that's a thing.


Wiley has always possessed a unique ability to use melody and earworm lyricism to garner plenty of run-it-backs in your music player of choice. Play TD2 in order, as it's sequenced masterfully and takes you on a ride alongside Alex, riding the Metro Red Line train in LA, probably from North Hollywood to Union Station.

Things stay fairly mellow, giving you a chance to sit down and get settled before his verse on "Life Once" has you going "okay, OKAY, lemme gut this blunt and roll up real quick inside the hidden fortress that is my puffy coat."


Roll up my dope and then pass it around
You ain't heard of me, you should be askin' around, yeah
They wanna know what I'm laughin' about
I'm drinkin' sail, I'm passin' right out, yeah
What do you know? What do you think?
I'm right on the edge, I'm right on the brink
I just took a pledge to not even blink
No hesitation, no reservations
Never been basic, I live on Earth
This is a spaceship, fuck all the fake shit
Life's what you make it, what is it worth?
I hit the booth and I go berserk (Life once)
I hit up Saks Fifth, then cash on my shirt
I roll a blunt, then ash on my shirt (Life once)
Limited tools but I make it work, yeah

Forget the LoFi Chill Vibes Spotify playlist for once and let this truly captivating album soundtrack your day instead. You'll find yourself endeared to Wiley. "In the end, we're all in the same boat," he tells us on "Back to the Coast," a song where he readily admits making his way back to California for the superior shrubbery.

Wiley frequently collaborates with producer duo extraordinaire Hippie Sabotage, who show up on the album's closer, the infectious "Real Things." This song came out a while ago but it fits in with the overall vibe in the sense that you may find yourself humming it to yourself hours after the music has stopped.