Canada Takes The Lead With Weed... Again.

canada weed.jpg

In Fall of 2018, residents of Ontario, Canada were given the green light to light their green anywhere you could smoke tobacco in the province. Public spaces including parks, sidewalks and even designated rooms in hotels and inns became 420-friendly as long as smokers were abiding by the same limitations and legalities that were implemented for cigarette and vape smokers. Setting an example and leading the stride in terms of marijuana laws in major cities, Ontario demonstrates a means of permitting as well as promoting marijuana use be it medical or recreational among its citizens and sets strict guidelines to keep the substance away from school grounds, play areas and public buildings. Limitations were also set to make sure that smokers could light one up in private homes and residential vehicles/boats so long as they were not being actively operated.

This year, Ontario has taken this motion to the next step, as many of its citizens had previously relied on the internet, purchasing their buds online via the Ontario Cannabis Store. In the past few months legal dispensaries have been established across the province to make the process of acquiring marijuana substantially more ergonomic and efficient for consumers. The “West Coast Cure” seems to be spreading to the North with haste, and hopefully that influence will continue to move down to the United States’ major cities to change societal standards with regards to our favorite little plant.