Former Blink-182 Frontman Tom DeLonge Used to Go on Baked Bigfoot Searches


Remember Blink-182, the band who made a killing writing infectious pop-punk before splintering into a thousand side projects and continuing on without Tom DeLonge, the enigmatic singer-songwriter whose real passion was aliens all along?

Yeah, me too, they were great.

After Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba replaced DeLonge in Blink so they could go on to fulfill their Vegas residency destiny, Tom was free to pursue his Moby Dick -- but in this case, Moby Dick is the vast list of arguably fake creatures in the paranormal universe instead of a big ass whale.

Blink drummer Travis Barker went on The Joe Rogan Experience recently and told Rogan that DeLonge used to routinely go out on Bigfoot hunts while stopped in various cities on tour. The drumming legend also recalled that he and Tom would sit around searching the sky for UFOs (unidentified flying objects for all the non-believers out there).

“We used to get loaded and just look out the bus window [for UFOs],” Barker told Rogan. “and I used to do it with him — it was kind of a bonding experience.”

You should listen to the whole interview, but you can pick up the DeLonge conspiracy talk at 1:20:45 in the following video.

“He would even go as far as when we were on tour [to be] like, ‘Let’s go and fucking look for Bigfoot,’ Travis explained. “He would assemble a crew and they would go do it.”

I’ll give DeLonge aliens because they’re super real, but I don’t know about Bigfoot. That’s where it starts to look like the former rockstar is rebooting The X Files just for fun and casting himself as Mulder. 

“He never got me on one of those trips because that was just too fairytale for me,” added Barker. 

People are always saying stoners just sit on the couch all day. Here’s yet another example of why that’s bullshit, Tom DeLonge was out there getting baked and going on spirited hikes across the country. An inspiration, really.