OFFICE PICKS: 30 Dope Songs About Weed

Kaya - Bob Marley 

The most to-the-point ode to bud known to man, the king of reggae uses his smooth and distinctive song-writing style to create an atmosphere that praises the benefits of marijuana on our bodies and minds. Rain pounding on the window pane, bathing in a tranquil-state of comfort and euphoria with the help of our favorite little plant, the setting he creates is one that is later referenced in some of our favorite songs, “Rollin’ marijuana that’s a cheap vacation” says Frank Ocean on his song Nights. A timeless Marley track, Kaya leaves us all wanting some of what he’s having. 


Vibe - Mick Jenkins 

The 2014 was a good year for Mick Jenkins, and thanks to his summer project The Water(s), it was an even better year for weed-smokers. A thought-provoking album packed to the brim with vibes for your smoke session, the project is everything you need alongside a blunt and an iced tea - or as Mick might prefer, just some water. The standout track for the smokers was of course, Vibe, and even off a sober listen Mick lets you dip your toes in what it feels like to be as faded as the man himself, and in response to his infectious hook: Yes, Mick, we can feel this. 


Ashtray - Smoke Dza (ft. Domo Genesis, Schoolboy Q)

As far as hip-hop’s kings of bud go, Smoke Dza has built a small empire with both his music and his smoke. The NYC rapper and entrepreneur has produced countless bangers paying homage to the gas, but the standout track comes off his 2012 second studio-album, Rugby Thompson. Ashtray, which features fellow artist and weed-enthusiast Schoolboy Q, as well as Domo Genesis, goes back to the basics and tapping into the raw, down to business element of a smoker life. The track shows us all what it’s like to be sitting in the whip with some of the biggest smokers in the game, and Dza assures you that all of his cars have gas in their ashtray. 


High - Freddie Gibbs (ft. Danny Brown)

In 2014, Freddie Gibbs received critical acclaim for his album Pinata, produced by Madlib. Featuring a score of smokers, the likes of which include Mac Miller, Casey Veggies, Earl Sweatshirt, Meechy Darko and more, the album is a work of art sure to give you something to smoke about. Our pick from this project is the appropriately titled High featuring Danny Brown. Using the perfectly-manipulated sample from Freda Payne’s I Get High (On Your Memory), the song moves through narratives surrounding weed and the tricks of its trade to produce a seamless lounge hip-hop hit. 


James Joint - Rihanna

The Barbadian-songstress and entrepreneur was recently deemed the wealthiest female artist in the industry, and clearly being a prolific smoker hasn’t slowed her down throughout her process. Her 2016 album Anti received widespread praise and delved into all kinds of different contemporary themes, one of which was the ethereal James Joint, put together with frequent SZA-collaborator James Faunterloy. “I’d rather be smoking weed, whenever we breathe”, RiRi makes it clear that she’s passionate about her buds, and creates a smooth blend of love and smoke to fuel a hazy late night romance. 


What A Job - Devin the Dude (ft. Snoop Dogg, Andre 3000)

Taking it back a little further, this track comes from a classic big three of 90’s hip-hop as Devin the Dude teams up with none other than Snoop Dog and Andre 3000. This song makes the list for its incorporation of smoking with the art of making music itself, as the hook explains the creative process for a number of musicians and rappers: “Rollin' up another swisha, listenin' to the beat again, drankin' but we concentratin', smoke another sweet again, steadily rewindin', trying to make some hot shit, oh, what a job this is.” Each emcee takes their turn delivering over the instrumental, and their chemistry supplies some old school bars about their smoke and creative culture. The track comes from the aptly named project Waitin’ to Inhale, which also featured more modern giants of the weed culture, such as Lil Wayne. 


Sweet Leaf - Black Sabbath

While the world of weed is mostly predominant in the hip-hop industry, sometimes you’ve gotta hand it to rock and roll. The 1970’s take a dub with this Black Sabbath tribute to the “sweet leaf”. The song comes off of their ‘71 album Master of Reality, the band assures their listeners that soon, the world will love the leaf as much as they do. Their frontman Ozzy Osbourne delivers powerful vocals over a classic distortion-heavy orchestration of guitar riffs and drum fills, and lets it be known that he’s learned a lot since he met his first spliff. 


Smoke Again - Chance the Rapper (ft. Ab-Soul) 

This list wouldn’t be complete without something off of Chance The Rapper’s acclaimed mixtape, Acid Rap. Reaching Billboard status solely as a result of illegal downloads, the project boasts an insane lineup of features and dives into the many trials and tribulations of love, drugs and hip-hop. Our favorite pick on behalf of the buds is the immaculate Smoke Again which features TDE-member Ab-Soul. The track gives a lyrical narrative taking us through the “highs” and lows of the lifestyle, and overall Chance and Ab deliver a feel-good banger with this standout song. 


America’s Most Blunted - Madvillain, Quasimoto

A jaw-dropping combination of creatives, America’s Most Blunted is a show of strength from both the legendary wordsmith himself, MF DOOM, alongside the other half of the Madvillain duo, Madlib, who takes matters into his own hands as his alter-ego Quasimoto. Madlib uses upwards of 17 samples to make the beat, and the two emcees perform immaculately to make a bone-tickling ode to weed. It’s safe to say the duo created their 2004 project Madvillainy, in all of its glory, in a cloud of thick smoke. 


Weed Song - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

One of the more explicit, unapologetic tribute songs to Mary Jane, Weed Song by the Cleveland-based conglomerate Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is one of the most classic songs on this list. The 11th song off their 2000 project BTNHResurrection, chock-full of songs that would fit songs that would fit nicely on this list, even Krayzie Bone says himself, “I been high since the last song (off that la, la, la, la, la, la, la).” The track is a perfect soundtrack to a few blunts on the couch, and is appropriately named. Bizzy Bone says later in verse 2, “I never been in High Times.” Well Bizzy, you made it to Smoker’s Club. 


Keep Floatin’ - Mac Miller (ft. Wiz Khalifa)

Two dons of the Pittsburgh rap scene and smokers who weren’t afraid to let everyone know it, the late-great Mac Miller and cannabis entrepreneur Wiz Khalifa team up for a touching tribute to toking, Keep Floatin’. With a psychedelic beat and an atmospheric blend of vocals, among younger smokers this song is solidified in the soundtrack of teenage years blowing down with the homies. Mac and Wiz are two artists that are essential to this list, and after his demise in 2018, this song gives everyone a moment to tip their hat to Easy Mac the next time they light one up to this 2011 classic. 


 1993 - (with J. Cole, Cozz & EARTHGANG ft. Smino & Buddy)

A revolutionary project for hip-hop, Dreamville’s Revenge of the Dreamers III became one of the first collaborative projects to hit #1 on the Billboard charts, boasting 34 artists and 27 producers. This track in particular pays homage to the ganja with an anthem easy to yell along with. California rapper Buddy begins to set the tone at the beginning of the song: “Since 1993, I been smoking weed… ask about me.” Cole, JID, Smino and more followup with lyrics that swim through the ins and outs of getting baked beyond belief at a house party. All in all, the Dreamers made the cut with this fun-loving project, filled with some of our favorite emcees of the new-school. 


Let’s Go Get Stoned - Sublime

Many would argue that this list couldn’t be complete without Sublime. A ska-punk band from Long Beach, California, the group has a number of songs that show love to the sweet leaf. Smoke Two Joints, Garden Grove, The Ballad of Johnny Butt and This Joint are just some of many. The one we picked for this list, however, is the aptly named Let’s Go Get Stoned. Fueled by the California sun and the lax vibes of the West Coast, this track is less direct with its lyrics when it comes to hailing the gas, but gives the listener an idea of how many situations can call for toke. “If I was a roach on a tree, tell me would you smoke me?” says the lead singer, Bradley Nowell, as this unrequited love story begs for a spliff to subdue the stress. 


The Dope Man - Cam’ron, Jim Jones 

Bringing it back to the classics, this recreation of N.W.A.’s Dopeman beat makes for a G-funk inspired tale of weed on the West coast. On the infectious hook, Jim Jones delivers, “We ride in that East side, so roll my weed high.” Then, using effortless old but gold wordplay and rhyme scheme, Killa Cam then uses his verses to take us through the many ins and outs of living a dopeman’s life, and how he’s sure that O’s can make the coast float. It’s a Cali-inspired fired-up frenzy from the two New York natives.  


Smoke Out - BBG Baby Joe 

A surely up and coming presence in both the worlds of weed and music, and showing up for the South in more ways than one, BBG Baby Joe teamed up with us at Smoker’s Club to bring you a hyphy track to blaze one to. Equipped with appropriate visuals, Baby Joe and his entourage give a proper insight to the life inside a cloud of smoke. “We gon’ call this bitch the smoke out, we got backwoods in the fuckin’ growhouse!” exclaims Baby Joe as he turns up on the hook and gives everyone a little more energy while they fire up their next woods. 


IN2 - Abby Jasmine 

One for the books from the Trap Mom herself, Abby Jasmine is never afraid to let you know about how close she is with her backwoods. In this song, dedicated to the feelings that come with being on tour and the role that smoke plays in calming you down on the back of that bus. Abby keeps it 100 with us, letting us know that while she’s been on tour she’s been rolling and smoking much more than usual. Abby is one of the queens of the underground weed-world and lets us know how serious she is on a number of her tracks, on her hit song No Hook she boasts: “I just rolled an eighth in a woods and I don’t think I’m gonna pass it!” 


Ashtray - MobSquad Nard (ft. Big K.R.I.T.) 

“On a bad day everything clean but the ashtray…” sums up this song concisely, and proves extremely relatable as a bad day can tend to be filled with smoke. Cinematic Music Group’s own MobSquad Nard teams up with the sultan of the South himself, Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T. In short, this track is one of many hip-hop joints that gives praise to the ashtray, but stood out to us for the chemistry these emcees bring and the ever so accurate depiction of what your ashtray might look like on a shitty day. 


Serving O’s - Slayter 

Not the most recent track by the Dyckman-native and Cinematic signee Slayter, this gem took some time to dig up. A real vibe off of one of his early projects, Real N***** Get Lonely, Serving O’s is a picture perfect look at Slayer’s relationship with his gas. “I been smokin’, servin’, O’s…” says the rapper in a galvanizing hook that gives a swing to this track showing up for the plugs in uptown New York. 


Brown Sugar - D’Angelo

An extraordinarily well-known track that’s lesser known as an ode to reefer, this track appears to be about a woman until you read the lyrics carefully and pay attention. Born in Richmond, VA, D’Angelo has produced countless hits chock-full of suave soul and impressive vocals. Brown Sugar is a song off of his debut studio-album of the same name, and the singer personifies his weed to fit the description of a girl who gives him “love” that’s so powerful it gets him high. A pretty epic description for a nicely-pearled spliff, D’Angelo drops a hint that he keeps his tree close. 


Bomb Intro/Pass That Dutch - Missy Elliot 

Showing up for the ladies once more, Missy delivers this track with the same power as fronto hitting the back of your throat. Dutches have been a signature means of smoking for years and were popularized in the 80’s by Musical Youth’s hit song, Pass The Dutchie. “Listen up everyone! We have been just informed that there's an unknown virus that's attacking all clubs… Symptoms have been said to be, heaving breathing, wild dancing, coughing…”, from the very beginning of the song Missy lets us know what we’re getting ourselves into, and on Pass The Dutch she sets the tone for the rest of her 2003 project, This Is Not A Test!


Stoned On The Ocean - Curren$y 

One of the original members of Young Money Entertainment, a label founded by fellow weed-connoisseur Lil Wayne, Curren$y is a New Orleans rapper who’s proved himself to be one of the biggest names in the rap game that’s turned their love for weed into an enterprise beyond just music. Spitta Andretti himself serves up summer feels with this track, Stoned On The Ocean, sure to add some new waves to your next summertime cyphers. Sampling Telegram by Eleanore Mill, the track shows off immaculate production that compliments the emcees flow like fronto and raw papers. 


Stoner - Young Thug

One of the new-school stoner anthems, appropriately named Stoner by the Atlanta-legend Young Thug is a shout out to a lifestyle that’s encompassed a plethora of new age rappers. Bending the rules of trap and adding his own signature twist to anything he hops on, Stoner is Thugga’s debut commercial single and garnered major attention among music communities as well as blow a cloud of potent smoke across the continent.  


How High - Redman and Method Man 

Newark and Staten Island aren’t known for producing the best of the best, but Redman and Method Man are some very major exceptions to that notion. Undoubtedly one of the most classic records for stoners of all time, How High is a 1995 single produced by Erick Sermon marked a new beginning for the two rappers as a duo. The hook pays some homage to the psychedelic lyrics of rock legend Jimi Hendrix as it echoes in our heads, “How high? So high that I can kiss the sky…” Throw this in your smoke playlist for some gold-school energy to sprinkle into your next blunt. 


Girl Blunt - Leikeli47

A hidden gem in the realm of songs that raise a toast to a good smoke, Bed Stuy-native and up and coming rapper Leikeli47 puts one in the air for the girls in the house with this hit song off of her 2018 album Acrylic. A powerful anthem for the women who like their L’s pearled to perfection, her infectious hook is an easy one to scream along with. “This shit is a girl blunt! I only smoke girl blunts!” makes you never want to roll one up with the boys ever again. 


Good Times (I Get High) - Styles P 

Renowned for his work alongside childhood friends Jadakiss and Sheek Louch, Styles P is a New York-based rapper and businessman whose debut solo-single entitled Good Times (I Get High), produced by Swizz Beats, is dedicated to the rapper’s heavy smoking. Sampling the same song as Freddie Gibbs’ High, Freda Payne’s I Get High (Off Your Memory), the track is suitable for just about any moment you’d want to rollup, and will surely take you to new heights


High All The Time - 50 Cent 

“I don't need Dom Perignon, I don't need Cris, Tanqueray and Alize, I don't need shit n*gga, I'm high all the time, I smoke that good shit.” 50 doesn’t need to say much more to help us understand that his smoking habit trumps all when it comes to his vices. He explains that fine champagne and fancy liquor don’t matter without his buds, and proves to be one of the songs that the legendary 2003 album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ couldn’t exist without. While the rapper later admitted to not smoking weed as much as the song suggests, we appreciate him showing some love for the culture and after all, it’s the thought that counts. Thanks, Fiddy. 


Palm Trees - Flatbush Zombies 

If the Beast Coast didn’t make their way into this list in some way shape or form, we didn’t do our jobs right. The psychedelic collective comprised of a plethora of Brooklyn emcees, Flatbush Zombies makeup a sizable portion of the conglomerate. The second single released off the 2013 album BetterOffDEAD, Palm Trees is an ethereal tribute to kush and with one of the best hooks from the trio to date, it lets us all know where Meechy Darko’s hands have been: “So much grams, unzip the bag, dip in my hand, then I palm trees…” 


Crumblin’ Erb - Outkast 

A smoke-friendly chorus with verses that subtly speak on the state of the world, Andre 3000 and Big Boi speak directly to American youth with this record and insist that everyone should be sooner sitting back and lighting up an L than trying to kill each other. Trying to ease hip-hops emphasis off of gang violence and onwards to peace, Outkast clearly believe that a well-flexed smoke is a pivotal part of everyone calming down and enjoying the finer things in life. Off of their 1994 project Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik this song is part of a much larger repertoire of songs to match your high times that the duo have delivered. 


Hits From The Bong - Cypress Hill 

One of the older songs on the list, Hits From The Bong comes off of Cypress Hill’s second studio album Black Sunday, released in 1993. Steering away from the frequent banter about blunts and spliffs, the crew kicks it old school and gives some well-deserved praise to a good old-fashioned hit from the bong. Delivered alongside crossover hits like Insane In The Brain, this album is a definite soundtrack for any and all weed-related activities. 


I Got 5 on It - Luniz

Arguably the most well-known song on this list, the premise of this 1995 banger centers itself around one of the most relatable elements of smoking when you don’t have much to work with. “I got 5 on it, let’s go half on a sack”, the Oakland-duo Luniz describes a place we’ve all been, and this song solidified itself as one of the most famous cannabis-anthems of all time once it topped the charts in multiple countries around the world. Popularized again in the 2018 Jordan Peele film Us, the song proves that it’ll always make its way into pop culture whether it’s through TV, film or atop a giant cloud of smoke.