There Are a Ton of New Emojis Coming But Still No Weed One


Every year, the Unicode Consortium releases a batch update to their collection of emojis that dictate how the world texts for the next year. And every year, every stoner worldwide waits with bated breath to see if this is the year we finally get an official weed emoji. Well, this isn't our year... again.

If we've learned anything in the past few years as a culture, it's that representation matters. And frankly, I can't be the only one sick of using a maple leaf or a cloud of smoke to alert my friends that I'm burning down a blunt. We need a set of emojis of our own.

The 2019 release includes 230 new additions to the emoji library, including a waffle, a guide dog, butter, and a sloth, among many others.

I will say, there a few new emojis that stoners can add to their arsenal of slick animated weed metaphors. The new set of emojis includes a skunk and an onion, both of which could come in handy, I guess.

There's always next year.