Weed Website Offers Free Donations to Federal Employees Affected by Shutdown


Many federal employees have been going through hell the past month or so during the government shutdown as they figure out how to get by while not getting paid.

Without steady paychecks, things like paying rent, buying groceries, and keeping the cellphone on become much more difficult, especially when you didn't see the wage stoppage coming.

Thankfully, a helping hand is reaching out to those affected in California. A website called BudTrader.com is offering to donate free cannabis products to government employees feeling the effects of the furlough. This generous campaign solves two issues, as it will be another bill that many California residents don't have to pay if they usually spend money on marijuana anyway, and it will drastically reduce their stress levels as they continue to weather the storm.

Though the 35-day government shutdown has ended with a temporary agreement to fund it again, the possibility of it closing again is still a clear and present danger, meaning California federal employees may need re-leaf once again.