GPen Gio: The Future Of Cannabis Oil, Wax & Other Marijuana Concentrates

Grenco Science is the lead manufacturer for quality engineering combined with unique style and grace. With glimmers of hope and hints of a new product over the last few months, it was only a matter of time before the world got acquainted with something special.

In July of 2017, Berner and Wiz Khalifa shared a video via Facebook to express great excitement with their supporters that something incredible was cooking up over at Grenco Science. It wouldn’t be long before the internet began to go nuts. Fans went crazy to learn about the G Pen Gio as it made its debut at the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, CA. We had a moment to speak with the founder, Chris Folkerts, to elaborate on the journey and future of G Pen Gio.

To understand the Gio, you have to travel back in time. Chris reminisces on how the brands popularity and excitement caused a bit of confusion in the beginning. “The first 15,000 that we made were initially gonna be called the Gio. We didn’t have a manual, it just had a G on the pen and a G on the box. People started calling it the G Pen naturally. It became G Pen based off what was originally the Gio. We thought it was fitting to bring back around.”

Chris assures customers across the globe that hours of dedication and attention to detail have lead to a product that will essentially uplift and evolve the cannabis industry.

“Half of it’s been development, the other half has really been about setting up partnerships across the United States and into Canada. Having these conversations even with other countries where Gio would be a preferred hardware device with these particular processors. A lot of these people are very established if not the most established in their market respectively.”

The journey would not be complete without the legend himself, Berner. Most known for his skill-set and passion displayed through various endeavors from cannabis to music. Berner has been the originator for a culture that is still very young and is at the forefront to bestow the necessary knowledge and experience for others to gravitate towards. After announcing the Gio, it wasn’t very long until the first official collaboration took place. G Pen teamed up with SF Cookies to release their latest drop, London Pound Cake.

It’s essential to surround yourself with the best and Grenco Science does a magnificent job of setting the example. In order to create the finest product Chris has linked up with a number of partners to produce the highest quality experience. Companies such as Evo Lab (CO), Pistil Point (OR), TJ’s (OR), Eaze (CA) and MedMen (CA) have believed in Chris’ vision and assist with an unmatched consistency. Eaze is known as the leading cannabis delivery service while MedMen is known to the world as the leading cannabis retailer. Another highly respected company known as Greenlane is in charge of hardware distribution. These relationships are crucial to assure customers that the investment they have made is derived from an unmatched quality. “There’s been a company that we’re working with called Herbology. They are the ones that have really helped us do all the formulations and the testing of the hardware components. We have been working with them the last 2 years. I would say they are the most important company that we have beside us. One of the partners owns an analytics lab so they’ve been able to get us a lot of data on what we’ve been doing during the development process, also helping us achieve consistency across the multi-state and multi-country launch.”

“We are a leading technology brand that has a lifestyle heart.”

“Money doesn’t buy happiness, money just buys freedom. Wealth is a state of being.”

“If you look at any menu on just about any dispensary anywhere, cookies is on anywhere between 5% to 20%. There’s people growing some sort of cookies genetics. It’s the most sought out brand in the cannabis industry. It’s the biggest brand in cannabis hands down.” After a few conversations it made perfect sense for the moguls to team up and put their minds together.

On January 16th, the city of Maywood got blessed in a major way thanks to Berner & G Pen. While the line wrapped around the building and fans waited patiently it was clear that something special was unveiling.

The city, which was $16 million in debt and looking at bankruptcy, turned to Berner, Cookies and others in a last-ditch effort to save the town. Officials passed rules to allow recreational and medicinal dispensaries, cultivation and distribution.

Cookies applied for and was handed one of the first 12 licenses that went to five different companies. In fact, Cookies received several licenses to cover all aspects of the business. In return, the city gets 6 percent sales tax on all marijuana sales, said Maywood spokesman Robert Alaniz.

“Depending on sales, it could be as much as $1 million a year from Cookies alone,” Alaniz said. “Not only is this going to pay down the city’s debt but some of the money is going toward city services like streets and sidewalks and a new sheriff’s substation.” – David Futch, LA Weekly

Make no mistake about it, G Pen is inspiring marijuana connoisseurs all over. Chris shared with us that a Texas native who writes reviews on numerous products in the industry flew out to California just to get his hands on the new product. “There’s no doubt that we will continue to do collaborations with music, art, fashion, extreme sports and we will continue to support a variety of causes both behind the scenes and during some initial campaigns working with some different charities as well. The Gio gives ability to do a lot.”


With every success story comes a great amount of sacrifice. Chris honors the creative process and respects the challenges that are included. A project that took 2 years in the making has lead us to a starting point of a cultural revolution taking place. We are excited for the G Pen Gio global takeover! Make sure to follow G Pen on Twitter & Instagram to stay updated on the latest news.

Would You Wait on Line for an Hour to Buy Legal Weed?

Legal weed is officially on sale in California and that means two things

1.Higher Prices thanks to higher taxes. See: MedMen

Yep, that’s $65 for an 1/8 of weed. Whenever a state legalizes weed, it takes a while for dispensaries to switch over from medical to recreational. That means the demand far outweighs the supply. And with supply low thanks to few dispensaries being licensed to sell recreational weed, that means way higher prices. As more dispensaries open and more brands get rec licenses, those prices will normalize. But until then…

2.Mega-long lines to purchase legal weed at dispensaries

Here’s what that looks like:

So the real question is…who in their right mind would wait on this line to buy weed instead of simply calling up a friend or ordering delivery through places like Eaze? People without medical marijuana cards and with no clue how to easily get weed–that’s who.

While it’s for sure cool being apart of history and to purchase legal weed for the first time, count me out. What’s the longest you’d wait in a line to purchase legal weed?

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Walmart is Selling a Pot-Leaf Christmas Tree

You want to get some lit XMas trees sent with FREE SHIPPING just in time for the high holidays? Then WALMART is your plug!

Today’s sign of the imminent cannabis apocalypse / corporate take-over is Walmart’s latest ploy to rob stoners of their money and identity:

The original Weed Christmas Tree™

This Pot Leaf Christmas tree will “light up” the room and put your mind in the right head-space for holiday cheer. You’ll be able to relax and giggle at the marijuana leavesand decorate it as you please. This alternative Christmas tree is perfect for personaltop shelf life at home or as a medical dispensary decoration. Green Wishes and Happy Holidhaze!

  • Realistic marijuanaleaves

(Hey asshole, its two words).

  • Ornaments and bow not included

(Hey asshole, wtf are the bows at then?)

  • Approximately 7′ tall

So the tree is as tall as Kristaps Porzingis but not nearly as real or as fire.

Real talk on Walmart: first it was a rosin press, now it’s this. When people start buying weed from Walmart, that’s the day I leave this industry in the dust and start selling

h/t John Schroyer

Cannabis Business Awards Winners

The annual Cannabis Business Awards were held last weekend in Denver, Colorado and this is the full list of winners courtesy of WestWord

Most Influential Individual
Alexis Bortell

Hope Award
American Medical Refugee Foundation

Cannabis Executive of the Year
Neil Demers

Industry Organization of the Year

Athletes for Care

Most Valuable Brand 
Mary’s Medicinals

Activist of the Year
Nurse Heather

Advocate of the Year
Eugene Monroe

Political Industry Representative of the Year
Vicente Sederberg

Nonprofit of the Year

Cannabis Business of the Year
The Clinic

Best Medical Center 
Kind Love

Best Retail Center
Diego Pellicer

Most Innovative Product
AeroInhaler (cannabis invention of the year)

Budtender of the Year
Gladys Solis

Manager of the Year
Nick Jack

Best Flower in a Dispensary
Mandarin Cookies

Best Edibles
Coda Signature

Best Extract 
Harmony Extracts

Best Infused Product
Evolab’s Angel Salve

Best Hemp Product 
Nature’s Root

Publication of the Year
Sensi Magazine

Most Influential Media Source

Educational Achievement of the Year
Dr. Uma Dhanabalan

Cultivation Achievement Award
Green Dot

Cannabis Woman of the Year
Nichole West

2017 Honorary Awards
Mickey Martin
Dr. William Eidelman

2017 MVPs
Jair Velleman
Ted Daniels
Josh Crosney
Ashley Smither
Shawn Honaker

Here’s a glimpse at the event:


Cannabis Clubs Coming to Massachusetts?

Legal weed is coming to Massachusetts and it could look way different than legal weed looks, well, everywhere else. Since no cannabis clubs exist in America (you have to go to Amsterdam for that), Massachusetts has a chance to become the first US city to legalize pot clubs.

Come next July, you might be able to order a joint at a club in Mass, per High Times:

“The package store model is old fashioned and the consumer really wants an outlet, a place to consume cannabis and do it safely,” said Cannabis Advisory Board member Michael Latulippe,

Regulators believe that the existence of social lounges would reduce the risk of children getting their hands on the drug, while also limiting the amount of weed illegally conveyed out of the state. Additionally, onsite consumption would provide safe, legal locations for tourists staying in hotels, as well as for renters who are disallowed from smoking in their apartments.

“By having these onsite facilities, we could potentially alleviate the need for some parents to go home with the cannabis themselves, allow them to consume it on site,” Latulippe explained. “It also alleviates the issue of interstate trafficking with tourists and people who are going to be coming to the state. Requiring them to buy large quantities of cannabis could cause for some problems.”

The sub-committee will meet on December 29 to go over drafted regulations and reach a decision. Cannabis clubs are definitely the wave of the future, and hopefully Massachusetts ushers that future in.


Oregon Has a Million Pounds of Weed in Surplus

Supply and demand make the world of capitalism go round. And in Oregon, the supply of weed right now far outweighs the demand.

According to Oregon breeder and dispensary owner Archive Seedbank believes there are a million too  many pounds of weed. Since the state consumes 400,000 pounds of weed annually and has close to 1.4 million pounds of weed, there’s TOO MUCH WEED.

Yes, there’s a thing as too much weed, and that fact makes the price of weed plummet. Oregon isn’t a huge market and is a very free market–but this could be an ominous sign for the future of legal weed if canopy space isn’t more regulated.

A world in which $300 pounds are the norm is not a world in which anyone but the rich get richer. Check it:

Translation: we’re gona need to send some weed to outerspace.

Drug Dogs in Colorado Trained to Ignore Weed

Imagine a world in which you could go to the airport with legal weed in your pocket and not have a panic attack when you walk by a dog. That world is becoming a quick reality in Colorado: the states drug dogs are literally being trained not to sniff out cannabis.

Moreover, dogs already schooled in sniffing out weed will soon be forced into retirements as new, non-weed sniffing drug dogs take their places. This strategy has been used in Vermont to ensure that drug dogs are geared towards a legal weed future.

The only downside to this sign of the times? Some dogs will soon be forced out of the force:

At the Rifle Police Department, 9-year veteran police dog Tulo is facing early retirement to make room for a new breed of police dogs that ignore marijuana. It’s ruff but Tulo is still working to help train the new rookies

Posted by Matt Renoux on Wednesday, November 8, 2017



Poor Tulo, indeed. But Tulo should have no issues having a nice, mellow retirement while these upstarts take hold:

Rifle police officer Garrett Duncan spent the last 10 years working alongside their top drug-sniffing dog, Tulo. Duncan said Tulo is so good he even has his own publicity pictures.

Of course, as they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and it seems Tulo cannot be retrained to ignore marijuana.

Now Jax and Makai will have their moment. These young and very cute puppies can sniff out drugs without getting excited over the smell of pot. [9News]

A future with pups on board with pot? Now that’s a future we can get behind!

Is this the Best Marijuana Advertisement of All Time

Marketing is the next, hot frontier of the cannabis industry. Now that companies are real companies with real, branded products, they need to reach people through any and all means.

I had no idea what brtside was before last week–but now I’m very aware of the brand. Them or their marketing team delivered just an absolutely FLAWLESS satire of Viagra/Cialis/Pharmaceutical type commercials.


New Jersey is the Next State to Legalize Weed

The Garden State will finally come by its name honestly. With Phil Murphy becoming the state’s new governor New Jersey is primed to legalize weed within 100 days of Murphy’s start date.

Since Murphy starts his term on January 16, that means New Jersey should legalize weed right around…4/20 of course.

Going from Chris Christie to Phil Murphy is like going from Satan to Jesus–at least in weed terms. Murphy has been pushing for weed for quite some time, and now that push becomes a erality:

State Senate President Stephen Sweeney, D-Gloucester, who controls which bills the 40-member Senate debate and vote on, said his goal was to get the measure passed within 100 days of the Murphy administration. []

The “armpit of America” will soon have a new, far more welcome stench than its Turnpike. Legal weed is coming to New Jersey–and it’s coming on hard.

Stoner Theory: Squirrel Master in Half Baked Was Mary Jane’s Father

This might be the greatest #TBT stoner edition of all time.

The best stoner comedy of all time, Half Baked is a pretty straight-forward film with a simple “watch stoners try and solve a problem” plot to follow. But the simple movie might have an insanely sneaky-yet-clever plot twist that literally sent my mouth gaping this morning.

While visiting Kenny in jail, Dave Chappelle’s Thurgood Jenkins comes across his instant fling: Mary Jane. While in jail, Kenny’s savior from an ass chafing by Nasty Nate is none other than Tommy Chong’s the Squirrel Master.

Soon after they start dating, Mary Jane tells Thurgood that her dad–who she was visiting in jail–was locked up for selling weed. In the movie, there’s then zero correlation between the two stories. Kenny becomes Squirrel Master’s bitch, and Mary Jane becomes Thurgood’s bitch.

At the end of the movie (pictured above), Mary Jane makes Thurgood toss out his last joint and swear off weed.

Flash-forward to today. Fast Company recently featured a picture of Mary Jane (Rachel True) at a women’s in an article. Readers of the article began tweeting that it couldn’t be her cause Mary Jane doesn’t smoke weed to which she responded…


She’s either playing serious games on our high-ass minds or dropping a knowledge bomb on us.

It’s really so obvious it hurts…but the dad Mary Jane was visiting in jail HAS GOT to be Tommy Chong…right?

Crazy stoner conspiracy or not, this seems to confirm that the Squirrel Master was more than one of the sneakiest funny character of all time. He was actually the catalyst that set the entire film’s entire subplot into motion in a crazy genius way.

h/t Now This Weed


Pumpkin Spice Pot Brownies are a Thing

Tis the season for Pumpkin everything. And with weed companies running out of new ideas to stay hip, it’s zero surprise they’re latching onto the hottest trend since yoga pants.

A California company, GOOD CO-OP, is selling a “Pumpkin Spice blondie” brownie. Cannabis has finally jumped the pumpkin spice weed shark

GOOD CO-OP, a cannabis company based in Oakland, California is taking the trend a step further this year. It launched a new “Pumpkin Spice blondie” today, a marijuana edible with 10MG of THC that will be sold exclusively through the Eaze platform in the area.

The treat is the creation of GOOD CO-OP’s head of R&D, Peter Cervantes who people worked as an innovation director for PepsiCo. The cookies are made with “real pumpkin, a special blend of spices, and organic Humboldt cannabis butter”

“I wanted to incorporate the warmth and nostalgia of Autumn into a delicious low dose edible,” Cervantes said in a statement. “As a baked good, we felt we could one-up the iconic seasonal latte by incorporating organic pumpkin and our own proprietary spice blend, which complement the herbal notes of the cannabis.” [Fortune]

As much as I’d like to hate on this…it’s a smart move and should be selling out in no time. For every person that despises the pumpkin spice trend, there’s one person that can’t go a day without spice in his or her life.


Cannabis Clubs & Lounges are Coming to Las Vegas

Nevada appears poised to become America’s answer to Amsterdam.

The state’s Legislative Counsel Bureau stated on Monday that no state law prevents local cities from allowing permitted, on-site cannabis consumption. That means cannabis lounges and clubs’ legality is now in the control of cities–like Las Vegas (via Clark County).

And should that occur, tourists and locals alike would be able to trade their hotel rooms and the city strip for sensical, permitted consumption areas a lot like you see in Amsterdam:

Nevadans and visitors could soon be able to light up a joint in pot-friendly lounges, cafes, yoga studios and possibly even at special events like the Electric Daisy Carnival.

The issue has the full-fledged support of Senator Tick Segerbloom, a pro-cannabis proponent who was also the first Nevadan to purchase legal cannabis. Senator Segerblom believes the lounges could arrive by early 2018.

“I really believe that Nevada can be the marijuana capital of the world,” said Nevada’s godfather of pot, state Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas. “And this will be one more thing in our toolbox.”

President of the Nevada Dispensary Association and The Source dispensary CEO Andrew Jolley affirmed this belief and the statement’s potential impact on Nevada culture:

“We’ll be surprised at how many locals find value in these lounges,” he said. “Think about how many bars we have or wine tasting facilities and events. It’s crazy to think that marijuana is somehow different than that. It’s really not.”

The people of Nevada and visitors to the state deserve places to legally and freely consume cannabis, and we’d love to see this culture emerge.

Should Clark County and Las Vegas allow these types of businesses to exist, Las Vegas will fast become America’s capital of cannabis.

via Matrix Nevada Cannabis