GPen Gio: The Future Of Cannabis Oil, Wax & Other Marijuana Concentrates

Grenco Science is the lead manufacturer for quality engineering combined with unique style and grace. With glimmers of hope and hints of a new product over the last few months, it was only a matter of time before the world

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Grenco Science is the lead manufacturer for quality engineering combined with unique style and grace. With glimmers of hope and hints of a new product over the last few months, it was only a matter of time before the world got acquainted with something special.

In July of 2017, Berner and Wiz Khalifa shared a video via Facebook to express great excitement with their supporters that something incredible was cooking up over at Grenco Science. It wouldn’t be long before the internet began to go nuts. Fans went crazy to learn about the G Pen Gio as it made its debut at the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, CA. We had a moment to speak with the founder, Chris Folkerts, to elaborate on the journey and future of G Pen Gio.

To understand the Gio, you have to travel back in time. Chris reminisces on how the brands popularity and excitement caused a bit of confusion in the beginning. “The first 15,000 that we made were initially gonna be called the Gio. We didn’t have a manual, it just had a G on the pen and a G on the box. People started calling it the G Pen naturally. It became G Pen based off what was originally the Gio. We thought it was fitting to bring back around.”

Chris assures customers across the globe that hours of dedication and attention to detail have lead to a product that will essentially uplift and evolve the cannabis industry.

“Half of it’s been development, the other half has really been about setting up partnerships across the United States and into Canada. Having these conversations even with other countries where Gio would be a preferred hardware device with these particular processors. A lot of these people are very established if not the most established in their market respectively.”

The journey would not be complete without the legend himself, Berner. Most known for his skill-set and passion displayed through various endeavors from cannabis to music. Berner has been the originator for a culture that is still very young and is at the forefront to bestow the necessary knowledge and experience for others to gravitate towards. After announcing the Gio, it wasn’t very long until the first official collaboration took place. G Pen teamed up with SF Cookies to release their latest drop, London Pound Cake.

It’s essential to surround yourself with the best and Grenco Science does a magnificent job of setting the example. In order to create the finest product Chris has linked up with a number of partners to produce the highest quality experience. Companies such as Evo Lab (CO), Pistil Point (OR), TJ’s (OR), Eaze (CA) and MedMen (CA) have believed in Chris’ vision and assist with an unmatched consistency. Eaze is known as the leading cannabis delivery service while MedMen is known to the world as the leading cannabis retailer. Another highly respected company known as Greenlane is in charge of hardware distribution. These relationships are crucial to assure customers that the investment they have made is derived from an unmatched quality. “There’s been a company that we’re working with called Herbology. They are the ones that have really helped us do all the formulations and the testing of the hardware components. We have been working with them the last 2 years. I would say they are the most important company that we have beside us. One of the partners owns an analytics lab so they’ve been able to get us a lot of data on what we’ve been doing during the development process, also helping us achieve consistency across the multi-state and multi-country launch.”

“We are a leading technology brand that has a lifestyle heart.”

“Money doesn’t buy happiness, money just buys freedom. Wealth is a state of being.”

“If you look at any menu on just about any dispensary anywhere, cookies is on anywhere between 5% to 20%. There’s people growing some sort of cookies genetics. It’s the most sought out brand in the cannabis industry. It’s the biggest brand in cannabis hands down.” After a few conversations it made perfect sense for the moguls to team up and put their minds together.

On January 16th, the city of Maywood got blessed in a major way thanks to Berner & G Pen. While the line wrapped around the building and fans waited patiently it was clear that something special was unveiling.

The city, which was $16 million in debt and looking at bankruptcy, turned to Berner, Cookies and others in a last-ditch effort to save the town. Officials passed rules to allow recreational and medicinal dispensaries, cultivation and distribution.

Cookies applied for and was handed one of the first 12 licenses that went to five different companies. In fact, Cookies received several licenses to cover all aspects of the business. In return, the city gets 6 percent sales tax on all marijuana sales, said Maywood spokesman Robert Alaniz.

“Depending on sales, it could be as much as $1 million a year from Cookies alone,” Alaniz said. “Not only is this going to pay down the city’s debt but some of the money is going toward city services like streets and sidewalks and a new sheriff’s substation.” – David Futch, LA Weekly

Make no mistake about it, G Pen is inspiring marijuana connoisseurs all over. Chris shared with us that a Texas native who writes reviews on numerous products in the industry flew out to California just to get his hands on the new product. “There’s no doubt that we will continue to do collaborations with music, art, fashion, extreme sports and we will continue to support a variety of causes both behind the scenes and during some initial campaigns working with some different charities as well. The Gio gives ability to do a lot.”


With every success story comes a great amount of sacrifice. Chris honors the creative process and respects the challenges that are included. A project that took 2 years in the making has lead us to a starting point of a cultural revolution taking place. We are excited for the G Pen Gio global takeover! Make sure to follow G Pen on Twitter & Instagram to stay updated on the latest news.