Cannabis Clubs & Lounges are Coming to Las Vegas

Nevada appears poised to become America’s answer to Amsterdam.

The state’s Legislative Counsel Bureau stated on Monday that no state law prevents local cities from allowing permitted, on-site cannabis consumption. That means cannabis lounges and clubs’ legality is now in the control of cities–like Las Vegas (via Clark County).

And should that occur, tourists and locals alike would be able to trade their hotel rooms and the city strip for sensical, permitted consumption areas a lot like you see in Amsterdam:

Nevadans and visitors could soon be able to light up a joint in pot-friendly lounges, cafes, yoga studios and possibly even at special events like the Electric Daisy Carnival.

The issue has the full-fledged support of Senator Tick Segerbloom, a pro-cannabis proponent who was also the first Nevadan to purchase legal cannabis. Senator Segerblom believes the lounges could arrive by early 2018.

“I really believe that Nevada can be the marijuana capital of the world,” said Nevada’s godfather of pot, state Sen. Tick Segerblom, D-Las Vegas. “And this will be one more thing in our toolbox.”

President of the Nevada Dispensary Association and The Source dispensary CEO Andrew Jolley affirmed this belief and the statement’s potential impact on Nevada culture:

“We’ll be surprised at how many locals find value in these lounges,” he said. “Think about how many bars we have or wine tasting facilities and events. It’s crazy to think that marijuana is somehow different than that. It’s really not.”

The people of Nevada and visitors to the state deserve places to legally and freely consume cannabis, and we’d love to see this culture emerge.

Should Clark County and Las Vegas allow these types of businesses to exist, Las Vegas will fast become America’s capital of cannabis.

via Matrix Nevada Cannabis

Marijuana & the NFL: The Current Landscape and Future Outlook

In order to help you understand the NFL’s policy on marijuana use, allow me to lay out a scenario for you. 

You’re an NFL player who just finished putting your body through about 80 high-speed collisions, and you’d like to give your muscles and bones proper rest to start your weekly rehabilitation process. You know that sleep is crucial to healing and regeneration. But your body aches in so many different places that you need a painkiller to fall asleep. There are two options available, and each has its own side effects.

  • Option (a): nausea, headaches, dramatic mood changes, abdominal pain, difficulty urinating, and potential addiction.
  • Option (b): potential harm to lungs, increased appetite, and temporarily impaired motor skills, among others.

Option (a) – Vicodin — is about as common as a helmet in NFL dressing rooms, and the sports world is replete with tragic stories of wounded and tormented athletes becoming addicted to it, or one of its opioid brethren.

Option (b) – marijuana – is listed under the league’s banned substances, despite many medical professionals  agreeing that it is far less dangerous than opioid pain-killers. Countless players have been suspended for using marijuana, including former Pro Bowl wide receiver Josh Gordon (Browns) — who received a year-long suspension and has still yet to be reinstated by the league — along with Randy Gregory (Cowboys), Karlos Williams (Bills), Darren Waller (Ravens), and Martavis Bryant (Steelers).

Those suspensions have come even though marijuana has been proven effective as a form of pain relief, and has its benefits when dealing with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), an issue the NFL continues to downplay and ignore.

As player safety continues to be a high-priority of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell – and public opinion on marijuana continues to become more enlightened — it’s only a matter of time before the league removes it from its list of banned substances.

The NFL’s current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is set to expire following the 2020 season. The league’s stance on marijuana has already been a major talking point during negotiations between the NFL and NFL Players Association on a new CBA. Many experts,including Davis Matthews at,don’t believe a new CBA will be signed until the league adjusts its hypocritical stance. As Matthews wrote, “[w]ith a new CBA on the horizon, you can bet the National Football League Players Association, with the backing of many owners, will fight hard for the safety of its players. Don’t be surprised if changes are made even before the current agreement expires.”

The NFL certainly seems to be trending in the right direction. Goodell and the league have offered to partner with the NFLPA in researching the benefits of marijuana as a painkiller, and it’s a topic the players’ association has already begun researching on its own, too. Hopefully everyone comes to the light sooner rather than later so more players don’t suffer the same fate as Gordon.

Pray For Texas: Here Are Ways For You To Help Those Affected By Hurricane Harvey

Our prayers go out to all of the families in Houston, the Gulf Coast, and other affected areas. It is our duty to display immense kindness and courage in such troubling times. It’s a blessing to witness so many honorable individuals who have put their life on the line to assist others in any way possible. Below we are providing a variety of ways for you to get involved and lend your support. Special thanks to Shea Serrano for showing immense leadership and using his platform to help everyone in Texas stay connected and informed. To all of the residents of Texas who are doing everything they can to restore peace, we salute you and continue to keep you in our prayers.

Houston Flood Relief Fund

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Houston Food Bank

Harvey Disaster Animal Fund

Food Bank of Corpus Christi

South Texas Blood and Tissue Center

Carter BloodCare

Houston Humane Society

San Antonio Humane Society

Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

#HashtagLunchbag Houston Relief

Texas Diaper Bank

United Way of Greater Houston

L.G.B.T.Q. Disaster Relief Fund

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

Southeast Texas Food Bank (Beaumont)

Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley (Pharr)

Brazos Valley Food Bank (Bryan)

Central Texas Food Bank (Austin)

San Antonio Food Bank

Would You Buy Weed Delivered from a Drone?

Eaze is the Uber for weed that delivers “medical” cannabis to Californians’ homes by way of online orders and drivers. But as the company displayed at the April Cannabis Cup, the future for the weed delivery company might just be drones.

Here’s how that would work:

Let us know if this is something you’d be into:

As long as I’ve already bought the product and new the source, I’d prefer a drone deliver my weed than an actual human. There’s no need for eye contact, small-talk or anyone else knowing what I’m smoking than a robotic device devoid of judgment.

But when that drone starts developing feelings for weed…then we’re all in big big trouble.

“Supercritical”: Heineken-Owned Lagunitas Releases Cannabis Terpene Infused Beer

Putting weed in beer isn’t a new idea. But when the Heineken brand-name is attached to that beer, it becomes notable and a sign of the times.

Since there’s no THC in Heineken-owned Lagunitas’ Supercritical beer, the beverage won’t get you high. What it will do is give you flavor extracted from beer: the terpenes. While it’s misleading to call a beer a “weed beer” if it doesn’t have any real high effect, it’s still cool to see mega-mainstream brands latching onto weed–even if it’s a transparent marketing play.


Lagunitas' New Beer Has Terpenes

This beer is infused with cannabis terpenes

Posted by NowThis Weed on Thursday, August 24, 2017


And it’s only a matter of federal legalization till brands actually go big with THC in beer.

Super Troopers 2 Teaser Drops, Movie Out 4/20/2018

There’s no powdered sugar, but damn does it look delicious. 6 months after wrapping filming, the Broken Lizard squad has finally dropped some visuals for the loooong-awaited sequel (15 years in the making).

The movie takes place in Canada, the Meow game has turned into “Meownties”, Farva is still fat, and the crew now wears red cop uniforms. Aside from a potential pube shaving scene involving whipped cream and a cherry, there’s really not much of note.

But just seeing the guys back on screen together is a refreshing way to start a Monday:

^A+ Farva shirt.

What’s the trailer missing? Rob Lowe, Willie Nelson, and Emmanuel Chriqui (Sloan from Entourage), and any sense of the plot.




Dude Takes a Dab With Mayonnaise as Bong Water

I love Mayonnaise to the extent that I dip my french fries in it and smear that pure fat on my burger. But this cat either has a huge crush on Patty Mayonnaise or waaayy too much time on his hands.




NBA Commissioner Open to Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Earlier this week, NBA commissioner and BAMF Adam Silver dropped some knowledge regarding how the National Bong Association might look at weed in the very near future. And it’s got the likes of JR Smith and company seeing green:

“I would say it’s something we will look at,” Silver said. ” I’m very interested in the science when it comes to medical marijuana. My personal view is that it should be regulated in the same way that other medications are if the plan is to use it for pain management. And it’s something that needs to be discussed with our Players Association, but to the extent that science demonstrates that there are effective uses for medical reasons, we’ll be open to it. Hopefully there’s not as much pain involved in our sport as some others, so there’s not as much need for it.” [Uproxx]

The key words are “pain management.” Only letting players smoke for strict medical reasons is bullshit. Getting high after (or before) a game is way safer than popping Percocet or drinking alcohol. If a player gets caught smoking weed or riding dirty (a la Zach Randolph), why should that affect their status in the NBA–especially if they play in a legal state.

Unlike the NFL (also looking at medical weed), the NBA rarely suspends players for smoking up. You have to be a really serious stoner like Larry Sanders or Michael Beasley to even come close to getting nipped in the bud.

That said, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to happen anytime soon–or until marijuana is federally decriminalized or legalized. The commissioner told Portland Trailblazer CJ McCollum on his radio show that the biggest issue is traveling with weed:

“I don’t see the need for any changes right now,” Silver told McCollum. “I mean, it’s legal in certain states. But as you know, our players are constantly traveling, and it might be a bit of a trap to say we’re going to legalize it in these states, but no, it’s illegal in other states. And then players get in a position where they’re traveling with marijuana, and we’re obviously getting into trouble.”

But…NBA players typically travel on private planes, and the odds of one getting in any serious “trouble” for having a medical marijuana prescription are slim.

Legal weed is coming to both the NBA and the NFL. It’s a matter of time. Unfortunately, both league’s fates are ultimately tied to the federal status of weed and what doctors say about weed.

Given who our president is and the climate of our country that scenario is likely another term away.

Las Vegas Ban on Weed Parties Promoting “Public Consumption”

Now that weed is legal in Vegas, you’d expect the strip clubs, the pool parties, the suites to be dripping in THC. But that’s far from the case–there’s literally nowhere to legally smoke the stuff in Sin City other than in your own home.

And the city’s force monitoring marijuana licenses made the ban on public consumption events–or even promoting ones that may include weed–very clear. The Department of Business License threatened companies with revoking business licenses if they’re seen promoting weed parties.

We write to remind you that public consumption of marijuana is unlawful,” Holloway’s letter states before listing over a half-dozen types different violations. “The only place in which it is legal to consume marijuana is at a private residence for private use.”

If you want to throw a weed yoga party or get high on a party bus, mum better be the word and you better not post about on social media. The full letter is below.

The city is supposed to be working on “solutions” like licensing places for people to consume…but that resolution seems far away. The panel is supposed to meet again this week to discuss what they’ve been discussing since March: giving people places to smoke.

And when you’re talking about Sin City and the party capital of America…that’s a serious problem.

Private parties with weed at them are as simple as the First Amendment. Give us the freedom to smoke in privately with our people, and we’ll all stop complaining.

Zach Randolph, NBA Superhero, Busted With Two Pounds

The sooner ESPN blesses us with a Z-Bo 30 for 30 or Hollywood puts out a Zach Randolph biopic, the better. Because this guy LIVES life to the fullest.

The former Portland Trailblazer and (for now) active NBA great is most definitely still blazing. Stranger than fiction, Randolph was nabbed by cops with two pounds at in the hood in LA that sounds like a seen out of Don’t Be a Menace in South Central.

APD officers were called to the Nickerson Gardens area in L.A. around 10 PM — and when they arrived, cops found a large crowd of people smoking, playing loud music and blocking the roadway.

Law enforcement sources tell us 3 people were seen grabbing their waistbands and running — so cops went after them.

Three people were detained — including Randolph, who was eventually arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to sell, A FELONY. We’re told the “intent to sell” part was due to the large amount of weed found.

We’re told 6 cop cars were vandalized — tires slashed and windows busted — and cops formed a battle line to restore order.[TMZ]

Turns out Randolph had two bows on his person and got hit with a Felony charge–for two pounds. His bail was set at $20,000. While two pounds isn’t a crazy amount, it’s typically a more sizable amount than a “head stash.”

Randolph’s own hazy history with weed–he’s been called an alleged “kingpin” in the past–makes the story even more bizarrely awesome. Randolph has career earnings over $100 million (easily) and banks $12 million a year.

The guy doesn’t need to surround himself with pounds of weed–he just chooses to. Cause he’s the realest player in the league. And one that badly needs his own weed brand.

Z-Bo’s swag walking out of the police station is just the best. You know he’s smiling cause he knows a blunt is within a moments reach.

Ann Coulter Says Weed is “Destroying the Country” & “Makes People Retarded”

Step aside, Nancy Grace, there’s a new anti-weed bitch coming for the crown! And she goes by Ann Coulter.

I had to Google who Coulter was (the name sounded familiar), and she basically sounds like a feminized version of Jeff Sessions: an out-of-touch Republican schmuck clinging onto the Reefer Madness methods of her parents. And the anti-weed vomit spewing from Coulter’s cooter is some truly must hear stuff:

“There have been further studies where they actually drug test the person after asking ‘Do you smoke pot, or have you smoked pot in the last week?’ and it turns out there’s a racial difference in telling the truth on ‘did you smoke pot’? Blacks were about ten times more likely to lie and say they hadn’t smoked pot,” she claimed.

You know why anyone lies about weed? Cause they’re scared to tell the truth thanks to decades of lies about the power of marijuana. If black people lived in an accepting society and one where admitting you smoked weed didn’t get them tarred and feathered, they’d probably be a little less hesitant to admit they partake.

“No. You can legalize all the drugs you want once there isn’t a welfare state, but no,” she said. “Marijuana makes people retarded, especially when they’re young. We’ve got enough bus boys. We’re bringing in bus boys by the million through our immigration policy. We do not need a country of bus boys. We’re destroying the country.” [Ann Coulter]

We may not need a country of bus boys, but we definitely need a country of weed bloggers, Ann! Does weed perhaps harm short-term memory and maybe slow you down a bit? Sure…but it’s insulting to people with actual mental diseases to say weed makes people “retarded” or handicapped.

Real talk, we’re probably better off just ignoring statements like these by people in prominent positions like Ann Coulter. She’s a media whore, and the type of media whore that probably goes home at night and hits her bullshit vaporizer while she laughs about the headlines she made.

Cause that’s all she’s doing: making headlines by letting bullshit fly from her flappy lips. While I don’t like giving pieces of shit like this the time of day, she deserves to get blasted for saying the dumbest weed-related shit of 2017.

Packers TE Martellus Bennett Raps About Cap’N Crunch

If you eat Cap’n Crunch, there’s a solid chance you smoke weed. If you rap about Cap’N Crunch as a guest on Snoop Dogg’s GGN…you most definitely smoke weed and there’s a solid chance you eat Cap’N Crunch for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Hot off his Super Bowl win, Martellus Bennett aka The Black Unicorn, has switched squads from New England to Green Bay. Suffice it to say the newest Green Bowl Packer is living up to his legacy thus far…and that legacy is one that includes saying awesome things most NFL players are too shy to say:

Martellus Bennett: club member. Captain Emeritus of our NFL Stoner Team, this guy is going places. Most likely to another playoff berth and Safeway to stock up on the Cap’n.