America Spent the Same Amount of Money on Cannabis and Taco Bell Last Year

“Nobody knows this, but the first actual purchase, after I signed my deal and called my bank account ...was Taco Bell.” - Logic 

Tacos are a food that Americans have a longstanding relationship with. Perfect for any scenario, from a nice date night to a smoke sesh, companies like Taco Bell have made billions over the years. Additionally, most any stoner can tell you about how much they enjoy tacos with a sunny afternoon smoke - the two go together like Em and Dre, or like smoke and Dza! Ironically, in recent years, the cannabis industry has come head-to-head with their counterpart as Americans spent a whopping $10.4 billion on weed last year - just about as much as they dropped on Taco Bell. Only two years ago the cannabis industry stood atop a sales total of $6.4 billion, and its steady ascent ensures that it’ll be overtaking Burger King before your next roll-up.