Episode 3 of SPACED OUT Goes Live Tonight at 10 PM with Danny Brown and Anwar Carrots

You seriously fucked up if you missed the first two episodes of SPACED OUT. I don't know if I can ever forgive you.

OK fine I can if you redeem yourself by tuning in tonight for episode three. It's our biggest episode yet, so if you miss this one we're for sure clowning you online.

Join me and my co-hosts SacDabber and Uncle Boof as we smoke ourselves into the stratosphere while talking music, comedy, the festival, metaverse shit, and whatever else the Discord is talking about.

PLUS, we got the legend Danny Brown and Member 4 Life Anwar Carrots joining the show. We're trying to get Uncle Danny to reveal his Smokers Club Festival setlist and Anwar to leak the details of his next SC collab. We'll see if they give up the alpha.