SMOKE 2 THIS: Mama Say by Mavi

If you're like me, you need to find something good to watch on TV before you take the first bite of food and you have to find a good song to listen to before you spark the blunt. Vibes are an ecosystem and all the pieces have to be in place.

If you're already rolled up and were about to smoke in silence, shame on you weirdo. Hit play on this and thank me later.

Today, "Mama Say" by Mavi is on repeat, and I'm pairing it with some Skywalker OG and a Dutch. The North Carolina artist dropped this song a couple of months ago but it's still in heavy rotation today thanks to Mavi's laidback delivery and the smooth horns in the back produced by CoffeeBlack. For the record, "Slow Roll" by Boldy James came on shuffle next and that's an instant classic, too.

Catch Mavi on tour right now with Jack Harlow and Babyface Ray, they're playing the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago on Nov. 12th.