Smoke DZA Got a TV Show and It's Fire

Stop rolling that blunt in complete silence like a weirdo. Everyone knows if you're going to roll up, you need to also have some food ready to go and something good to watch. That's day one stuff.

As it turns out, we have the perfect thing for you to turn on while you burn one. The Smokers Club co-founder Smoke DZA is the brand new host of Complex's show Sneaker Battles, premiering on Caffeine.

It was just a year ago that the Kushed God was appearing on the Youtube version of Sneaker Battles as a guest, and now he took over the whole show and got it onto a real deal streaming platform. Light one up for the goat.

So break out your Smokers Club Rolling Tray, Weed Jar, and Grinder and let's have a Sneaker Battles watch party, as two New York legends join DZA in the series premiere. Styles P from The Lox and Mobb Deep's Havoc both bring their strongest kicks to the battlefield in the hopes of winning favorable judgement from DZA and taking home the victory.