The Smokers Club Holiday Gift Guide

First of all, Happy belated Hanukkah to all of our Jewish Members. We know it's a little late but we also know that a lot of you didn't get all 8 presents for your loved ones and need some ideas so you can get caught up. We got you.

And for all of our members celebrating Christmas in a few weeks, you still have some time to lock down the rest of your wishlist and knock out a bunch of gifts you need to buy for friends and families.

First, for the other Smokers Club Members in your crew, get them some cozy new gear to wear this holiday season. It's warm, it comes in great colors, and it allows them to answer the age-old question "you wanna hit this" without saying a word.

Next, upgrade you and your smoking circle's whole game real quick. New smell-proof jars, grinders, and rolling trays. Gone are the days where it's acceptable to have blunt guts and stems laying around everywhere. It's not cute, anymore. We're sophisticated smokers now so let's act accordingly.

Which brings me to my next point: ashing. If you've been a Member for a while, you know we don't have a lot of rules but the ones we do have, we swear by. You ash before you pass, you ash into an approved receptacle like an ASH TRAY, and you wear some damn socks at the airport. It's not hard, people. And we got ash trays and socks to get you compliant asap.

For the Member who has everything, get them something they couldn't get their hands on because it was sold out for seemingly ever. But not anymore. We just restocked our infamous Welcome Mats and your loved one's dusty ass porch will thank you for the upgrade.

If you want that new stuff, hot off the press, get your favorite pieces from The Smokers Club X Carrots collab, which we just restocked. Hurry, though, it won't last long. And if you're in California, head to one of these beautiful shops and ask for our brand new Carrot Cake strain, Anwar's first foray into flower.

Now, we know everyone doesn't burn down trees like you and me. Some people don't smoke and that's ok. We don't understand it but to each their own. They probably meal prep. And if so, we got something for them, too. Let them weigh out the broccoli on this bad boy.


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