The Smokers Club’s Halloween Collab Was Scary Good

You don’t have to check your calendar. Yes, we’re writing about our massive Halloween collab in November. Why? Because Spooky Season knows no limits. Real stoners don’t need an excuse like Halloween to play pranks, watch scary movies, and eat a shit load of candy.

Plus, let’s face it, the Halloween collab we pulled off simply couldn’t be contained by one day in October. The Smokers Club joined forces with three of the heaviest hitters in the game to bring you a collection so legendary it’s terrifying.

First, we dropped the gear. The Smokers Club finally locked in with one of our favorite all-time weed brands, Jelly Wizard, which is producing some of the craziest flower and edibles on Earth. Then, we tapped the graphics goat Burrito Breath to bring ‘The Great Nuggkin’ concept to life. The Smoker’s Club X Jelly Wizard X Burrito Breath pieces are one of our favorite collaborations we’ve ever done. And they were gone faster than Reese’s Cups from the Trick-or-Treating haul. Some say the greatest fear is the fear of missing out. Hope you snagged something.

But we didn’t stop there.

Inspired by those classic pumpkin buckets we all used to fill our candy with as kids, we had to make some giant Nuggkin buckets. Three lucky members of The Smokers Club won 'The Great Nuggkin' buckets, stuffed to the brim with enough delicious Jelly Wizard edibles to keep them scary high until next Halloween.

Earth Honey, who is hand-making some of the most stunning ashtrays in the world, turned Burrito Breath’s Great Nuggkin art into an unfucking-real 3D ashtray. It’s (almost) too beautiful to ash in.

And if you’re reading this while wallowing in self-pity because you were in a candy coma and slept on the collection, Nugg bucket giveaway, the 3D ashtray and the five limited edition Charlie Brown mask ash trays, you still have a chance to redeem yourself by bringing home the crown jewel of this entire collab.

Shipes recruited one of his all-time favorite glassblowers, Phil Siegal to create a one-of-a-kind The Smokers Club X Jelly Wizard X Burrito Breath dab rig to celebrate ‘The Great Nuggkin’ collab and it came out better than we could have ever imagined. When the Peli case opens and you see Phil’s work for the first time, you hear angels humming from the Heavens and a soft glow surrounds the glass. It’s a priceless piece of art that one of you savages is sure to fill with heaping globs of oil over its lifetime. Keep it locked to our social channels to learn how you can take home this very rare piece of The Smokers Club history.

“This was a super special collab because I am a huge fan of all brands involved,” Jonnyshipes said. “My favorite edible on the market is Jelly Wizard, I personally own three glass wizard pieces from Phil Siegal, and Burrito Breath is one of my favorite illustrators of all time. We started discussing this collab in early Summer. Jelly Wizard had the plug to Burrito Breath and I had the plug to Phil, so it all came together really organically.”

Happy Halloween from The Smokers Club and all of our collaborators on The Great Nuggkin collection. You fucked up if you missed it.

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