Whole Foods CEO Says There's a Good Chance They'll Sell Cannabis Products

You can already get a lot of different items at Whole Foods, from groceries to health and wellness products to freshly made smoothies and coffee. Pretty soon, you may even be able to grab some weed while you're there if you believe what the company's CEO has to say.

While speaking at an event hosted by The Texas Tribune, Whole Foods head honcho John Mackey was asked whether the retail giant, now owned by Amazon, plans to begin selling alternative protein products like insects in the future. Mackey answered affirmatively to the bug grub question, and then also added a quick little note about another alternative product on the minds of many.

“If cannabis is ever passed in Texas, chances are good that grocery stores will be selling that too,” Mackey added. “You just never know what happens over time with markets. They change and evolve.”

Whoa, Johnny. Can't just throw that out there all willy nilly and not expect the nation to get excited about the prospect of weighing out some organically-grown premium kush at the same time they weigh out their macaroni and cheese and pizza "salad."

When asked if the high-end grocer would sell insects or weed products first, Mackey left it up to the powers that be.


“Let’s see what happens with the market and the government regulations over time,” he said.

Many retailers already carry hemp-based CBD products but the ability to sell items with whole-plant cannabis infused into them would be a gamechanger in the cannabis industry, where products currently must be sold from a licensed dispensary or delivery service, where legal.